Our services


By definition, “broadcasting” is a union between humans and technical operations and equipment, all coming together to produce audiovisual content.

Thanks to our partners specialised in image capture and broadcast production, we are able to satisfy the many and varied requirements of event organisers.
With the latest equipment in the industry and technical staff made up of veterans of the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games organisers, our broadcasting experience is proven and regularly solicited.
Filming, production, image distribution and real-time transmission of audio and video signals are the core of our profession. Providing broadcast assistance for mass media and customised services for television and radio networks allows for a much wider broadcast coverage. It brings an event closer to the general public and gives it an international dimension.

TVMS know-how

Our engineers, producers, directors and sound and image technicians are all part of the vast community of broadcast specialists, and are our most valuable asset. Our technical teams regularly show off their specialised know-how – which is our biggest pride and the reason we are a reference in the broadcast industry.

TVMS philosophy

Whether it be large or small, classic or unique, every sporting event is produced with passion and professionalism. No matter which country or institution organises the event, we strive to find that something special each one has to offer and show the best of it to the world.


Sébastien RAVET

Operations Director

Tél : +33 1 41 10 06 71
Email : s.ravet@tvmediasport.com