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The management of a sporting event is a very unique proficiency which is largely unknown to the general public.

How is an event like the World Cup organised? How many people does it take, who are the key players, what are the stakes? How is ticketing organised? These seemingly simple questions, and indeed many more, require an in-depth knowledge of the event organisation industry. With expertise in many areas of the sector, TVMS plays a key role in setting up and organising numerous international sporting events.

Organising a sporting event is a considerable undertaking, involving strict time management and resources and equipment which must all be prepared well in advance. TVMS manages the different aspects of an event and accompanies its partners throughout the whole project, from conception, preparation and the running of the event through to the post-event logistics and organisation.

TVMS know-how

TVMS has a widely-recognised expertise in event management. With an intimate knowledge of the industry and the requirements of each type of sporting competition, TVMS can adapt to the size and the particular needs of all of its partners.
Football, athletics, boxing, Olympic disciplines, military sports – these and many more feature in the comprehensive portfolio that TVMS brings to the business.
What sets TVMS apart is the professionalism of its experienced staff, who has worked on the biggest international sporting events, and its ability to identify the specific requirements of each partner in order to provide a personalised, individually adapted solution.
With a unique professional network which can satisfy all the demands of an event management project (technical partners, event staff, agencies,…), TVMS runs an efficient, precise operation of the highest standard.
TMVS develops long-term international partnerships with international federations, confederations, organising committees and local authorities. Having these partners alongside to give advice has proven vitally important on many projects.

TVMS philosophy

TVMS sets up on-site teams who are fully capable of ensuring the smooth running of an event and guaranteeing full cooperation with the organisers.
A committee is put in place to manage all of its partners’ requirements and to set up a structure specifically tailored to each event – though the foundations of each project remain the same. It is equally important for TVMS to involve local staff and to make their local knowledge and experience central to each operation.




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