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The acquisition of TV rights, along with marketing and media rights, represent one the major focuses of our different activities.

We classify them after putting them together into programmes, making them into marketable products for sports and sports-related television networks throughout the world. Our professional relations also depend on our cordial agreements with international federations and institutions which hold media rights.

TVMS know-how

Our partners have a long history of collaboration with FIFA, UEFA, CAF and T.E.A.M. Marketing. Thanks to them, we have a proven expertise in sports and television. When we get involved in a sporting event, we bring experience, credibility, efficiency and a keen sense of adaptability to all types of organisations.
Our expertise in different markets and our involvement with key players in various domains (media, press, television, local authorities) allow us to establish long-term partnerships. Our intimate knowledge of the workings of federations, confederations and local organising committees is what makes us stand out.

TVMS philosophy

Our main goal is to develop solid working relationships that lead to the launch of modern, professional operations in television and sport, and to participate in the optimisation of games, matches or international sporting disciplines. Our way of working is fundamentally based on men and women with heightened expertise in all aspects of the world of televised sporting events.


Sebastien RAVET


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Email : s.ravet@tvmediasport.com