Our services


We conceptualise and realise every kind of project related to publicity and sponsorship in the domain of sporting events, both televised and non-televised.

We propose all types of visibility solutions, including billboards, commercials, inserts and multimedia banners. Just as with TV rights, marketing rights are an essential tool in creating an effective and targeted sporting venture. Built up over many years with various international companies, our marketing expertise is available to all organisers and advertisers.

TVMS know-how

With a vast amount of experience working on major sporting events, our staff has the proven expertise necessary for success.
The strongest points of our operation are detailed knowledge of marketing networks, effective handling of the particular requirements of advertisers and meticulous monitoring when “going live”.

TVMS philosophy

In these modern times, sport, television and marketing go hand in hand and must be considered as part of a whole concept. The success of an event depends in large part on the harmonious integration of these complementary elements.


Jean-Michel BOUDET


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Email : jmboudet@live.fr